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The horse's digestive tract is very different from other mammals due to the fact that it digests parts of its feed with enzymes first in the foregut and then ferments in the hindgut.

EGUS Equine gastric ulcer syndrome is diagnosed as either
Equine Squamous Gastric Disease (ESGD) or Equine Glandular Gastric Disease (EGGD)

Horses are hind gut fermenters and rely on beneficial micro organisms to act synergistically in order to breakdown and digest fibre.

Algae is a rich source of various minerals, including organic calcium which buffers excess stomach acid in horses.

The hindgut microbiome of your horse is super sensitive to changes, it is essentially full of beneficial micro-organisms acting synergistically to ferment fibre

Alltech Bioplex trace minerals provide mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible. These are the minerals included in Maxia Balance.

Maxia Complete

Maxia Complete is a 100% organic, slow-acting pH buffer that controls acidity in the gut. It is ideal for horses at risk of gastric irritation or sensitivity due to competing, travelling, changes in feeding, etc.

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