Gastric conditioning for a calmer, healthier horse

Maxia Complete is a safe and 100% natural marine nutraceutical horse supplement derived from calcareous red marine algae.

From the sea, naturally
No banned substances
Sustainability harvested
For the health of your horse




1, 2 & 3 ULCERS

in both racehorses and sport horses in training


Maxia Complete is a unique, 100% natural marine multi mineral complex providing bio-active, organic calcium 32%, magnesium 2.2% and 72 other trace minerals.

From the horses mouth
"I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to trial Maxia Complete before it was released to the market. The results I have seen on so many horses have been outstanding, I now run my entire team on it! I also love the fact the Maxia have New Zealand based research to stand behind their product. I wouldn’t be without Maxia".
Kirstin Beaven - Range View Sport Horses
"We have a broad range of horses and ponies in work; top level showjumpers, ponies, racehorses, youngsters and I often work with client’s horses with behavioural issues. We have been using Seahorse Supplements Maxia Complete for several years now and I have found it to be a real problem solver in many situations. Not only is it a natural product that targets ulcer problems in stressy horses, it also improve their coat condition, appetite and general behaviour. I have tried many different products over the years, but I find Maxia gets the results at a cost effective price! "
Claire and Simon Wilson - Mt Herbert Show Jumpers
“Wow this product is amazing! I'm so honoured to have been a part of this product now helping so many horses here in New Zealand! Get the horses gut right and it's amazing how many things can change for the better! Things you didn't even know would be related! All of us who originally trialed this product fought over each lot that came in it had such amazing results, we called it magic powder. Now Seahorse Supplements have done the research to actually prove their product works unlike so many others with a much bigger price tag! It's always my go too for everything it's kept me safe when I was having dangerous days on a regular basis, I cannot recommend it enough! Try it you won't be disappointed”
(Photo credit Sophie Simson Photography)
Rowan Campbell
"We've seen the results using Maxia Complete, the team are eating, racing and recovering better"
John Dunn - Robert Dunn Harness Racing
I am a Dressage rider based in Blenheim. I have been feeding Maxia Complete for two years now and have noticed huge improvements with my horses condition, and gastric health. My Grand Prix horse Fürst Jupp has suffered from gastric ulcers in the past, since using Maxia he has been 100% free from ulcers. I highly recommend this wonderful product
Tessa van Bruggen