Maxia Complete

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Maxia Complete is a 100% organic, natural and slow-acting pH buffer derived from red marine algae to help control and reduce acidity in the gut. By aiding your horse's natural gastric buffering capabilities, it helps to support the entire digestive tract, including the stomach and hindgut.

In turn, this can help to:

  • Support performance
  • Increase bone turnover & repair
  • Improve condition
Size: 1kg

What's in Maxia Complete?

Maxia Complete is a 100% organic, calcareous, red marine algae, harvested to human-grade specifications.

A premium equine gastric support supplement, it is rich in calcium and magnesium in a unique, organic form which is highly bioavailable and preferentially taken up by the gut.

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The importance of equine gut health

The horses' digestive system is designed to have a constant supply of fibrous material and not to sit empty. When the stomach is empty for any length of time, gastric pH drops and there is a risk of acid damage.

Stress and exercise have been shown to increase the risk of acid exposure, so damage is more likely to occur during transport, exercise, racing or competition.

How can Maxia Complete help your horse?

Maxia Complete has a buffering effect on the normal acidic contents of the stomach, reducing the risk for ulcers caused by burn damage.

Formulated from natural ingredients, it is a slow acting, effective supplement that buffers acidity in the gut, creating a well-balanced environment in your horse’s stomach.

Her gut is a lot healthier which shows in her coat condition and her overall health.
Since changing to this product, the ulcers have finally stayed at bay and her brain is always engaged."
Within 3 days of starting him on it the scouring had completely stopped, and hasn't been an issue since."