Maxia Balance

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Maxia Balance combines vitamins and minerals in their most bio-available form to deliver a balanced formulation of micronutrients that can benefit the health of your horse.

Suitable to address shortfalls in daily essential vitamins and minerals, which have many important roles to play in the body, from maintaining metabolism to building tissues and functions such as muscle contraction.

With the inclusion of high levels of natural Vitamin E and organic proteinate minerals, Maxia Balance can benefit all horses.
Size: 1kg

What's in Maxia Balance?

Maxia Balance is a premium equine supplement that contains vitamins and readily absorbed organic minerals.

  • Bioplex® Minerals - a range of organic trace minerals that provide mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible.
  • Vitamins - horses need vitamins for growth, body function, tissue maintenance and athletic performance. They are required in small amounts, but the effects are important.
  • Natural Vitamin E - Maxia Balance contains elevated levels of this essential antioxidant that plays a huge role in muscle, immune and neurological support in horses.
  • Selenium - 1mg as selenised yeast, an organic form of this mineral.
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The importance of a balanced diet

The concept of a balanced diet is providing sufficient energy and nutrients to maintain the horse’s body weight and condition according to the level of work being done. 

Levels of vitamins and minerals vary in pasture and hay with numerous variables meaning they can fluctuate on a daily basis.

How can Maxia Balance help your horse?

Incorporating Maxia Balance into your horse’s diet should be considered when:

The recommended balanced commercial feeding rate is not being met, the horse is being fed straight grains such as barley, oats or an unfortified feed mix or the horse is on a forage-only diet.

I put him on Maxia and noticed a significant difference in behaviour and performance.
I wouldn’t be without Maxia. I also love the fact the Maxia have New Zealand based research to stand behind their product."
Maxia is an absolute staple in the feed room now, I wouldn’t be without it and am constantly recommending it to others."