Hear from our happy customers

Dr. Dawne Nairn DVM 

"I started using Maxia Digest on my 8 year old Dutch Warmblood. As an equine veterinarian, I am always a sceptic. After the first two weeks, I had to admit that something was quite different. My horse was settled. He had a better work ethic and we didn't have so many up and down days. The teamwork began to come through. I have scoped my horse in the past and found ulcers. I have treated him with Omeprazole for ulcers.  Since starting Maxia Digest, I have had a happier horse. I will often ask clients what supplements they are using. Maxia Digest is a good complement to standard ulcer treatments. It will always be a staple in my feed room".

Nicole Martin

"Maxia Digest was a huge turning point for my hot, sensitive, ulcer prone mare. I have now got a rideable, sensible horse who reacts well to stress and grass flushes. For travelling, I add a little extra Maxia Complete for a safe zone for her ulcers. Since changing to this product, the ulcers have finally stayed at bay and her brain is always engaged. As a marketer myself, I am very wary of products on the market but the research, results and amazing team advice from Seahorse Supplements made the decision very easy!"

John Dunn -Diamond Racing 

"We've seen the results using Maxia Complete, the team are eating, racing and recovering better"

Sarah Molyneux

The best products out there. Have all our team on Digest and they thrive on it


"She is looking the absolute best she’s ever looked! Definitely thanks to your wonderful product ensuring her gut remains healthy and she is getting the most out of her grass and feed"

Harriet Bell BVSc

Kiel was very excited to be HRNZ's Life After Racing "Superstar of the Month". Huge thankyou to Seahorse Supplements for sponsoring this initiative - I am a huge fan of their products and Kiel is never without Maxia Digest to help keep his stomach happy and him in tip top condition!

Trevor Harrison

Maxia Complete has really helped Boy after he finished his ulcer course. He’s been his amazing calm self since being on it which tells me his ulcers have stayed away. I was recommended to try this to keep Boy’s stomach healthy and after talking to Hadley from Seahorse Supplements about how it works by buffering the acid, I know how much it is helping him. He has it every day and he’s looking fantastic!"


"Hi I am in Clevedon Auckland and have an older TB gelding that had started scouring once the drought broke and our grass started growing again. I tried the Maxia Complete on recommendation from a friend and was blown away with the results. Within 3 days of starting him on it the scouring had completely stopped, and hasn't been an issue since. I was really worried going into winter as I have seen weight melt off horses with scours before, but he is back to being a happy healthy horse. So thank you so much for producing such an amazing product! Have attached a photo of the offending Clevedon dairy pasture."

Carol Booth

"Have had my horse on Maxia Digest the whole time. As well as ulcer treatment at the start.

I will never take her off Digest though, as she’s like a different horse. Couldn’t touch her body at the start, even after the ulcer treatment wasn’t great but now she’s just starting to be an absolute sweetheart and wanting cuddles.

Love your product!!"

Cassie Henderson

"Hi team! Just wanted to thank you for the trial pack of Digest! My lovely horse Sparty is just coming back into work after having awhile off while I had a baby. He can be a bit cold backed at different times of the year (regardless of being in work or not) and this time happens to be one of them! After just week on Digest (and having had that week off), our cold backed issues have disappeared completely so thank you from a happy Cassie and Sparty"

Kirstin Beaven - Range View Sport Horses

"I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to trial Maxia Complete before it was released to the market. The results I have seen on so many horses have been outstanding, I now use the whole Seahorse range on my team! I also love the fact that Maxia Complete has New Zealand based research to stand behind the product. I wouldn’t be without Maxia"

Stephanie Familton

"Have really struggled with putting weight on my 19yo TB for a few years now and the biggest struggle was finding anything that worked for her. Until I found Maxia Complete, the best supplement I have ever fed to my horses, she is so much happier and eats more than what she was eating before. Her gut is a lot healthier which shows in her coat condition and her overall health. Would recommend this to anyone".

Emily Terrill

"Really impressed with the supplement you shared with us, thank you so much as I believe it really made a difference quite quickly for him" 

Laura King

"Just looked back.... Charlie has been using Maxia Digest for a year now! From the Kaitangata Hills as a wild horse to show horse. Thanks Seahorse!!"


"Brooke and Sam at dressage the other weekend, I clipped him the day before and he looked amazing our guys are all looking amazing on Maxia Digest! Can’t wait to see them when their summer coats come through!"

Connie Palmer

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I am completely converted to your product now. My mare has stopped being girthy and is even starting to go more forward from my leg rather than nap like she did before. Awesome result!!"


"I've used Maxia Complete previously and it made a huge difference in my gelding! He was incredibly grumpy, threatening to kick and bite people, dull coat, couldn't get weight on and refused to drop his winter coat! Huge difference in such a short time."


"Just wanted to share with you how my wee ottb has done on maxia complete. She dropped a lot of weight coming out of winter, was incredibly anxious, constantly fence walked and was a bit of a nightmare to do anything with. 7 weeks later she looks a million dollars, has almost stopped fence walking and is the happiest I've seen her. Love this product!!!"

Mel Cleland

"A few months ago I was at the end of my tether I had a very unwell/depressed mare after a course of vet prescribed ulcer treatment she still was showing no signs of improvement After chatting to some “in the know people “ I started her on Maxia Complete,at first the improvement was slow but slowly her appetite came back and she started to look happier in herself. Months down the track now Maxia is part of her daily diet. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is the huge change in her attitude we’ve gone from a snaky mare to a girl who tries her heart out to please Without Maxia without a doubt I’d have sold my resting bitch face for a gelding!!"

Christina Arnold

"Since trying Maxia Complete for suspected ulcers I now can’t be without it! Such an insane improvement to Elfies weight, attitude and his anxiety! It’s the only supplement that helps him hold weight and it helps him with his separation anxiety and just general stressy nature. I tried to take him off it and within a few days a had a very upset horse so Maxia Complete is now a daily part of his diet all year round! I love you’re product and recommend it to everyone!"

Kate Hyde 

"My mare developed ulcers when I bought her last winter and lost a tonne of weight, after ulcer treatment she improved but never seemed to blossom no matter how much I fed. She put some weight on but over the summer and competing she ended up light again (top pic Feb 2018) I decided to try Maxia in March 2018 and she bloomed in just a few weeks. She has improved out of sight and has held her weight so well as you can see in the bottom two pics. Cannot recommend this amazing product enough, I am so greatful for what it has done and I’m sure my horse is too!!"


"Hi there! I just wanted to say I'm a big believer in your products! I've had Jimmy, my 7yo Tb since the winter of 2018 and I think the photos speak for themselves on how much of a contribution Maxia Complete has made to him! Every horse we now and in the future will be on Maxia Complete!"


"Hi there, I spoke to you a few months ago about trying my horse on Maxia Complete & Maxia Digest. I thought he was possibly exhibiting signs of low level ulcers and wanted to try something a little more natural before resorting to medications. He improved significantly almost immediately and we now just have him on Digest. So I wanted to say thank you!"


"I just wanted to touch base and let you know Rocky is doing so well on the Complete!!! I have noticed such a difference in him. Much happier, more relaxed, no fence walking I haven’t had a chance to get to Farmlands to get the Digest yet but I plan on heading to town tomorrow so I will pick some up".


"Loving the Maxia Digest! My Welsh Pony is doing very well on it, I won't ever take him off it!!"


"Hi there, love your products! I feed it to my 3 horses."


"Thanks for the great product! It really has made a huge difference to my old girl."

 Kristy King-Turner 

"Maxia Complete was an instrumental in helping Ice win 2 hoy titles in her 1st year off the track and 1st year under saddle. I now have my whole show team on it to help them deal with all the travel and stress of showing."


"Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help a few weeks ago! Despite the all colic and stress and travel and scans my boy has packed the weight on since starting him on digest 2 weeks ago today! Beyond relieved!! Thanks again!!!!"

Joy Holdaway

"I love Maxia , all my horses are on it !! Even the little Chocolate pony who's been on it after suffering an very scary but luckily realativly mild impaction colic, fingers crossed she's never looked back since being on Maxia."

Katie Medley

"My horses trainer put my horse on Maxia Complete and noticed the difference he was a reactive spooky unsettled fellow after time and Maxia he is now able to be ridden and is relaxed and happy with a lovely soft eye. 

I have also seen Maxia transform stressed out horses that are girthy , kicking out to leg use and unhappy change them into happy comfortable horses this product can’t recommend it enough."

Jade Urbahn

"I love how Maxia Complete is more than just a gut health product! My horse has been on Maxia Complete for a year now and looks and feels great! The last few weeks after a big grass growth, he has been spooky, nappy, girthy, hard to catch and just generally naughty! I decided to try putting him back on the loading dose of Maxia to see if it would help at all and today, day 7, he was back to his normal old self. Maxia has healed and kept him free of ulcers, helped so much with his condition, coat and general health and is now working against the spring grass madness as well! Thank you for such a great supplement."

Rowan Campbell

“Wow this product is amazing!  Get the horses gut right and it's amazing how many things can change for the better!  Things you didn't even know would be related!  All of us who originally trialed this product fought over each lot that came in it had such amazing results, we called it magic powder.  Now Seahorse Supplements have done the research to actually prove their product works unlike so many others with a much bigger price tag!  It's always my go too for everything it's kept me safe when I was having dangerous days on a regular basis, I cannot recommend it enough!  Try it you won't be disappointed”

Alice McKay

"My ottb Thomas who competes at 95 eventing lives on Maxia! If we miss a day or 2 he starts pulling faces telling me his stomach is sore again, wouldn't be without it! New ottb arrived 2 weeks ago and started on Maxia day one also. Fantastic product!"

Sarah Forman-Luttig

"Zoom’s been on your Maxia Complete for a couple of months now and I’ve noticed he is happier being groomed and in his yard. He is also more relaxed and consistent in his flat work and looking shiny and healthy."

Claire Johnston

"All our ponies are feed Maxia Complete too .. we get most of our ponies outa the bush in Gizzy .. so they have no idea about eating hard feed .. Maxia brings them up to spec pretty quick .. they are all multi discipline and look super what ever they do .. love the product."

Melissa Wallace

"I am an eventing rider based in Dunedin NZ competed to 2* last season on my main mount Dunurban Maotai and have an up coming young horse Undisclosed. Both being NZ thoroughbreds I do find they get effected by grass and its growth, also with being eventers and away a lot in the weekends I have found Undisclosed is prone to stomach ulcers L I got recommended this product by numerous people to try out to maintain their gut health and condition and all I can say was giving it a go is the best thing I could have ever done!!

Both of my boys have been on your product all last season and will be on it coming into the new 2016/2017 season. Hoping with this season I will have a successful run at 2* with some big goals with Eddy (Undsiclosed) coming along slowly as he can be difficult but very promising."

Both of my boys have been on your product all last season and will be on it coming into the new 2016/2017 season. Hoping with this season I will have a successful run at 2* with some big goals with Eddy (Undsiclosed) coming along slowly as he can be difficult but very promising."


“I first started using Maxia Complete to ensure my mare that is in foal was getting enough calcium and to ensure she kept her condition – she is a very picky eater and will lose weight at the drop of a hat, so having a supplement that is able to help with both is extremely helpful! I decided to give Maxia to my level 5 dressage horse (Lily) as well as she  is sensitive to handle (as well as ride!) and I have trialled nearly everything on the market to help with this, with little or no success, so decided I had nothing to lose by trying her on Maxia.

 Can quite happily say that I am glad I decided to give it a go, all the horses are holding their condition well (which is great going in to winter!) and have in general become more settled in the paddock. Most importantly, Lily’s nature has completely change in terms of how she is to handle and under saddle – she is more settled in her work and less nippy when being handled. I don’t have words for how excited I am to finally find a product that has helped her so much, she has become a far more enjoyable horse to have around and ride. Reassuringly, others have noticed the change her in nature – so it isn’t just me being hopeful!

 Maxia is an absolute staple in the feed room now, I wouldn’t be without it and am constantly recommending it to others. I have appreciated how friendly the team are to deal with and will always answer questions in a helpful manner – plus the lollipops in the courier parcel always go down a treat with my partner!

 Keep up the good work, it is great to see a natural, NZ product that can get the results”

Megan Chamberlain

“I have had a few horses come to me with gastric ulcers and they all had the same 'holding' patterns in their bodies i.e restricted and hitching in the off hind hip/flank area and couldn't come through properly with that leg, stooped posture like they didn't want to stand up comfortably and stiff through the shoulders.My young show horse came to me with very questionable gut health and again showing the same holding patterns in his body. Even Chiro adjustments could not keep him 'even' for long periods. It eventually developed to the point of him having incredible grouchiness and dislike of me touching him.I decided to put him on a treatment dose of Maxia Complete for 2 months and I am blown away at how effective this product is! No more holding through that off side and coming through evenly, swinging through his ribcage, free through the front end, able to stand up properly and his mood has improved greatly. He's also more tolerant of changes in the grass.

He has always been a fairly good doer but he's doing even better now since being on Maxia Complete.

I absolutely LOVE this product and I'd never ever be without it in my feed room now!

Thank you so much for making such a great product available to people"

Kimberleigh McCabe 

"Maxia helped Beverly to keep ulcers away over her first competition season after coming off the track with ulcers."


"Just an update on del - adding the Digest and changing her feed, she’s much happier."

Carmel George

"I feed Maxia Complete to my warm blood show jumper and my ott. They both love it. It's amazing stuff!"

Dawn and Rocky

 "My 5 yr old tb has been on a treatment does of Maxia complete for 28 days and I have noticed a big reduction in his girthiness and a even more mellow horse in general. I was a bit skeptical , but after seeing just how many people preferred this product I gave it a try. I am pleased I did and I'm sure rocky is to".

Claire and Simon Wilson

"We have a broad range of horses and ponies in work; top level show jumpers, ponies, racehorses, youngsters and I often work with client’s horses with behavioural issues. We have been using Seahorse Supplements Maxia Digest for several years now and I have found it to be a real problem solver in many situations. Not only is it a natural product that targets ulcer problems in stressy horses, it also improve their coat condition, appetite and general behaviour. I have tried many different products over the years, but I find Maxia gets the results at a cost effective price!"

Claire Booth

“Hi. My OTTB has been girthy and grumpy for the last few weeks and I suspected ulcers.  He has been on Maxia for a week now and girthyness and grumpiness gone and behaviour under saddle improved and seems more comfortable to engage his core and work over his back - very happy with the result!”

Blackie Parade

"Thank you so so much for making this product available, it is my must have. My OTT standardbred had recuring ulcers and the paste from the vets was sending me to bankruptcy. I have been using this for a few years now and my pony couldn't be happier no longer a nasty demon child."

Tessa van Bruggen

"I am a Dressage rider based in Blenheim. I have been feeding Maxia Complete for many years now and have noticed huge improvements with my horses condition and gastric health. My Grand Prix horse Fürst Jupp has suffered from gastric ulcers in the past, since using Maxia he has been 100% free from ulcers. I highly recommend this wonderful product."

Tamsin Lucas

"When I got Spanner he was grouchy, girthy and unhappy. He would pin his ears if anybody touched his belly and brushing him was a nightmare. I put him on Maxia and noticed a significant difference in behaviour and performance. Friends who know him also commented on the change in him"