Maxia Complete – 100% red marine algae



Maxia Complete is a nutritional digestive supplement to help support healthy gut structure and function for long term gastric health in horses.

Suitable for horses who may be at risk of gastric irritation or sensitivity, loss of appetite, weight loss, loose manure,  on high grain diets, changes in feeding, have abnormally unsettled behaviour, experiencing stressful conditions e.g. racing, competition and travel, sales preparation, weaning, recovering from injury.




The calcerous red algae contained in Maxia Complete is harvested sustainably from the clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.  Being 100% organic, the algae contains primarily calcium and magnesium as well as 72 other minerals that are in trace amounts and insignificant alone but within a multi mineral matrix they work synergistically and give a powerful boost to the action of the calcium and magnesium.  The unique and organic forms of minerals in Maxia Complete are highly bio available and preferentially taken up by the gut, they are also inherently more stable than inorganic minerals.




The horses stomach has 2 regions, the squamous (upper) region and the glandular (lower) region. The squamous region is particularly susceptible to damage as it lacks the protective mechanisms of the glandular region to defend its mucosal lining from gastric acid.  Calcium is well known to have a role as a natural buffer to help control and reduce acidity in the gut.   However, the form of calcium is important, as it needs to be slow acting, allowing for protein digestion whilst the meal is in the stomach, but then being neutralised when no longer needed.  Calcium carbonate (limestone) is commonly used as a source of calcium however this form has a limited capacity to regulate or buffer pH.  Natural forms from plant material are considered to be superior as they don’t interfere as much with the initial acid hydrolysis of protein, but slowly increase acidic buffering as digestion proceeds hence reducing the risk of ulceration from acid splashing as the stomach empties.  Being derived from marine plant material, the red algae contained in Maxia Complete has a unique porous honeycombed surface area which allows for a slow breakdown and therefore increased buffering over an extended period, protecting the sensitive mucosa in the squamous region from potential acid burns.




When  the horses stomach is empty for any appreciable length of time, which may occur during transport, before exercise, during competition, stressful situations, etc.,  this leads to a drop in the gastric pH and prolonged exposure to acid leaving the squamous mucosa  vulnerable to acid contact, moreover it has been proven that hydrochloric production is greater in horses in training than those at rest.  Our research study showed that feeding Maxia Complete buffered the stomach acid, reducing the risk of damage to the stomach wall, the primary cause of ulcer development.  Reducing the acidity allowed existing ulcers to heal and buffered against new ulcers forming without affecting digestive functions in the stomach.

Click here to view our published and peer-reviewed research on natural horse supplement Maxia Complete.  


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