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"My 5 yr old tb has been on a treatment does of Maxia complete for 28 days and I have noticed a big reduction in his girthiness and a even more mellow horse in general. I was a bit skeptical , but after seeing just how many people preferred this product I gave it a try. I am pleased I did and I'm sure rocky is to".

Regards Dawn and rocky




"I am an eventing rider based in Dunedin NZ competed to 2* last season on my main mount Dunurban Maotai and have an up coming young horse Undisclosed. Both being NZ thoroughbreds I do find they get effected by grass and its growth, also with being eventers and away a lot in the weekends I have found Undisclosed is prone to stomach ulcers L I got recommended this product by numerous people to try out to maintain their gut health and condition and all I can say was giving it a go is the best thing I could have ever done!!

Both of my boys have been on your product all last season and will be on it coming into the new 2016/2017 season. Hoping with this season I will have a successful run at 2* with some big goals with Eddy (Undsiclosed) coming along slowly as he can be difficult but very promising."

Melissa Wallace




“Wow this product is amazing!  I'm so honoured to have been a part of this product now helping so many horses here in New Zealand!  Get the horses gut right and it's amazing how many things can change for the better!  Things you didn't even know would be related!  All of us who originally trialed this product fought over each lot that came in it had such amazing results, we called it magic powder.  Now Seahorse Supplements have done the research to actually prove their product works unlike so many others with a much bigger price tag!  It's always my go too for everything it's kept me safe when I was having dangerous days on a regular basis, I cannot recommend it enough!  Try it you won't be disappointed”

Rowan Campbell




“I have had a few horses come to me with gastric ulcers and they all had the same 'holding' patterns in their bodies i.e restricted and hitching in the off hind hip/flank area and couldn't come through properly with that leg, stooped posture like they didn't want to stand up comfortably and stiff through the shoulders.My young show horse came to me with very questionable gut health and again showing the same holding patterns in his body. Even Chiro adjustments could not keep him 'even' for long periods. It eventually developed to the point of him having incredible grouchiness and dislike of me touching him.I decided to put him on a treatment dose of Maxia Complete for 2 months and I am blown away at how effective this product is! No more holding through that off side and coming through evenly, swinging through his ribcage, free through the front end, able to stand up properly and his mood has improved greatly. He's also more tolerant of changes in the grass.

He has always been a fairly good doer but he's doing even better now since being on Maxia Complete.

I absolutely LOVE this product and I'd never ever be without it in my feed room now!

Thankyou so much for making such a great product available to people"


Megan Chamberlain




"We have a broad range of horses and ponies in work; top level showjumpers, ponies, racehorses, youngsters and I often work with client’s horses with behavioural issues. We have been using Seahorse Supplements Maxia Complete for several years now and I have found it to be a real problem solver in many situations. Not only is it a natural product that targets ulcer problems in stressy horses, it also improve their coat condition, appetite and general behaviour. I have tried many different products over the years, but I find Maxia gets the results at a cost effective price! "

Claire and Simon Wilson - Mt Herbert Show Jumpers




“I first started using Maxia Complete to ensure my mare that is in foal was getting enough calcium and to ensure she kept her condition – she is a very picky eater and will lose weight at the drop of a hat, so having a supplement that is able to help with both is extremely helpful! I decided to give Maxia to my level 5 dressage horse (Lily) as well as she  is sensitive to handle (as well as ride!) and I have trialled nearly everything on the market to help with this, with little or no success, so decided I had nothing to lose by trying her on Maxia.

 Can quite happily say that I am glad I decided to give it a go, all the horses are holding their condition well (which is great going in to winter!) and have in general become more settled in the paddock. Most importantly, Lily’s nature has completely change in terms of how she is to handle and under saddle – she is more settled in her work and less nippy when being handled. I don’t have words for how excited I am to finally find a product that has helped her so much, she has become a far more enjoyable horse to have around and ride. Reassuringly, others have noticed the change her in nature – so it isn’t just me being hopeful!

 Maxia is an absolute staple in the feed room now, I wouldn’t be without it and am constantly recommending it to others. I have appreciated how friendly the team are to deal with and will always answer questions in a helpful manner – plus the lollipops in the courier parcel always go down a treat with my partner!

 Keep up the good work, it is great to see a natural, NZ product that can get the results”






“Hi. My OTTB has been girthy and grumpy for the last few weeks and I suspected ulcers.  He has been on Maxia for a week now and girthyness and grumpiness gone and behaviour under saddle improved and seems more comfortable to engage his core and work over his back - very happy with the result!”

Kind regards,

Claire Booth




"We've seen the results using Maxia Complete, the team are eating, racing and recovering better"

John Dunn - Robert Dunn Harness Racing




"I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to trial Maxia Complete before it was released to the market. The results I have seen on so many horses have been outstanding, I now run my entire team on it! I also love the fact the Maxia have New Zealand based research to stand behind their product. I wouldn’t be without Maxia"

Kirstin Beaven
Range View Sport Horses