What is the difference between Maxia Complete and Maxia Digest?

Maxia Complete is a natural and organic pH buffer for the foregut, reducing the risk of acid erosion to the sensitive mucosa in your horses stomach. Designed to be used daily to maintain a healthy gut and can be double dosed when your horse is under stress like travelling, competing, etc.

Maxia Digest targets the entire digestive system.  As part of the 40gm dose it includes a  20gm maintenance dose of Maxia Complete, pre + probiotics for the hind gut, amino acids and minerals for immunity and hoof and coat health. The hindgut makes up 63% of the entire digestive system so is paramount to a keeping your horse healthy!

*Please note the red marine algae we use in Maxia Complete and Maxia Digest is manufactured to human grade and is certified for use in organic systems,  EU Health Certified Allergen Free,  GMO Free,  ISO 9001:2008 certified.* 



Why is the probiotic we use different to others?

The probiotic we use is encapsulated which means the live bacteria inside each granule are protected from acidity, heat and moisture, enhancing stability and helping more cells to reach the hindgut alive.  The hindgut is the site of microbial fermentation and where the majority of the bacteria live.



If I am Feeding Maxia Complete do I need to add a Vitamin and Mineral Mix?

Maxia Complete is a foregut buffer, reducing the risk of acid erosion to the sensitive mucosa in your horse's stomach.  It is an organic, calcareous, red marine algae, harvested to human grade and is primarily calcium and magnesium in a unique and organic form which is highly bio available and preferentially taken up by the gut.
The other minerals are in such minute amounts they do not contribute to the overall nutrients of your horse but act synergistically and give a powerful boost to the buffering capacity of the algae therefore we do recommend a well balanced vitamin and mineral mix that does not have calcium as a base.



How much selenium is in Maxia Complete?

There is 0.01344mg (1000mg in 1 gm) calculated amount of selenium in a 20gm scoop of Maxia Complete, an extremely tiny amount.



How much potassium in Maxia Complete?

There is 0.025gms of potassium in a 20gm scoop of Maxia Complete. 
The NRC recommended potassium intake for maintenance in adult horses is 0.05 g/kg body weight, approximately 25gms for a 500kg horse.



Does Maxia Digest support my horses immune system?

Yes!  Immune response relies on a healthy digestive system and given the hindgut in a horse makes up 63% of their entire digestive system, Maxia Digest with its encapsulated probiotic and prebiotics whose job it is to repopulate the good bacteria in the hindgut, will have a significant effect on immune response.



Will Maxia Digest help improve my horses hooves and coat?

Yes!  Apart from a healthy digestive system that will show in your horse's condition and coat, Maxia Digest contains the amino acid Methionine and B vitamin Biotin which help to improve the condition and growth of hooves and coat.



Will my horse like the taste of Maxia Complete or Maxia Digest?

Generally yes, although very occasionally a horse or pony may find the taste of Maxia Digest a bit odd, this is likely the vitamin c that is included which can be a little sour.  We recommend starting with a smaller portion of the daily dose rate for the first couple of days and then build it up to the full daily dose rate over a week.




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